One-day Activity by the Mobile Unit in Soufli

As part of the implementation for One-day Activities – Events for the Prevention and Prompt Diagnosis with the Mobile Unit, by HS Care, the Association of Cancer Patients and Friends of the Prefecture of Evros “Sinehizo – ΣυνεχίΖΩ” organized a talk and a gynecological check-up in Soufli on Wednesday 30 October 2019. In detail:

  • Topic of the talk: Fast diagnosis and cure of breast cancer
  • Lecturer: Karamanidis Dimitris | Obstetrician – Gynecologist | Director of NHS Alexandroupolis Hospital
  • Place and time of event: : “Koukouli” Hotel | Soufli | 18:30

After the end of the talk, a FREE ultrasound check-up was organized, in addition to a Pap Test by the association’s mobile gynecological unit.

See photos here.

Watch the video from the event: